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Will Adwords Sky-Rocket Your Business To Reach Tim Peake?

[VIDEO Training – Google Adwords Keyword Tool Planner & Keyword Spy] We’re often asked: “Where’s a good place to start with Google Adwords?” or “Is Google Adwords going to work for my business”? So we thought we’d shoot a quick video to share with you a couple of  simple and free, yup FREE tools to help you tackle

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Google Do It Again With Customer Match

Just as we thought AdWords couldn’t get any better it comes out with a new method for targeting customers. Yes, it’s forever changing & evolving. Exciting Times!   Google has added more fun and possibilities to its armoury by offering “Customer Match Targeting”, providing a different attack for advertisers. This allows advertisers to target a

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How to Double your Business With Google Adwords

Open the flood-gates for your business and get new customers on tap every day. Working hard to get new customers to your business? This blog will share with you how you could be missing out on hundreds of new customers and how you could double your business using Google Adwords. You know what it’s like.

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5 Reasons why AdWords will make your life so much easier

AdWords can be as simple as you want to make them. So chill out they are easy to monitor performance and very simple to change if needs be. No need to stress, just sit back and watch the leads come in and your business develop and grow. In this blog I will be explaining the

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Bidding on Competitor Terms in PPC

Bidding on competitor terms in paid search is a controversial topic. With the right strategy, you can benefit from showing up with your biggest competition. With the wrong strategy, you will simply (and quickly) throw money away. The following tips can help you win with competitor keyword bidding:   Pick and choose your competition. When

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How to Win with Paid Search

Advertisers use paid search to drive relevant traffic to their website. Much care is taken in generating the perfect keyword list and the most engaging ads. But advertisers can’t stop there! Even if you have the most seamless paid search campaigns, there are still many things an advertiser must do to be successful. If you

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Tis the Season to Starting Thinking about the holidays

Google has shared their holiday calendar outlining the biggest days for shopping online. Even if you’re not selling a product online, that doesn’t mean you’re excluded from holiday advertising. Are you offering a holiday special on your services? Are you dressing up your website for the holiday? It’s time to get into the holiday spirit!

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Paid Search Text Ads Deconstructed

All ads are not created equal.  Google continues to add and evolve their paid search ads.  When viewing  ads on Google, there are basically three categories.  First is a basic ad, which contains all required information to run paid search.  Then, there is the paid search ad on steroids, which includes all the bells and

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Dynamic Remarketing For All

Google’s dynamic remarketing being available only to ecommerce businesses will soon be a thing of the past.  Over the next few weeks, Google is rolling out dynamic remarketing to all verticals.  For those of you not familiar with dynamic remarketing, it is like regular remarketing with a sophisticated brain. It allows advertisers to show more

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