Smiles-Centre-Swindon-Stuart“I’m so pleased that I found Your Business Angels, having been on many Adwords courses I wasn’t a novice by any means but Laura and the team really know their stuff. Within weeks my Adwords bill was coming down and enquiries were increasing, within twelve months I will have saved more than £30,000.00. I would recommend any business that uses Adwords to take advantage of the free account audit on offer.” Stuart Miles, Partner, Smiles Centre www.smilescentre.co.uk

Andrew Morton “We chose to work with Laura at ‘Your Business Angels’ for her professional approach and understanding of the marketing strategy we were looking to develop and improve. She has delivered an excellent service with great ideas, made us feel valued and always been to hand to ensure our investment in her expertise is fully utilised. We would not hesitate in recommending to any new or existing business to assist them with their online marketing strategy.” Andrew Morton, Director, www.hawkinteriors.co.uk

Adding over $420,000 worth of leads in just 2 weeks!” “Previously, our results from Google AdWords have never really hit the mark, and we reached a point where we either going to scrap them completely or get expert help. We asked Laura from Your Business Angels to help and she instantly turned our account on its head. She’s built a high converting landing page, overhauled our ads and tweaked our keywords, which has just revolutionised our results. I’m now getting a flow of high-quality leads day-in, day-out. And the best part is, they’re my ideal prospects meaning that they convert quickly with minimal effort. With this new setup, Laura has added a huge flow of leads to my business, building an integral part of my marketing. It’s an invaluable asset. Business Angels have literally ‘written me a new pool!’” Ben Simkin, BusinessNET, www.businessnet.com.au

Melanie Poynter   “‘Wow, when I got my Adwords audit back from Your Business Angels, there were 22 ways outlined that I could reduce my cost per click – I mean 22!  My ad positions improved and my campaigns were so highly targeted that we now have  literally thousands of targeted ad groups and keywords locally targeted. Laura and her team have been so helpful and explained everything, without making me feel stupid too. Totally professional, I couldn’t wait to get started and happy to recommend” Melanie Poynter, Bluebell Physio, 8th May 2014


“Within 3 hours of the campaign starting I’d got my first new lead! Your Business Angels are a really switched on internet marketing company who think strategically and deliver professional results-driven campaigns.”

Darryl Bertie, Bert Electrics, www.bertelectrics.co.uk

Elliott   “Working with Your Business Angels has revolutionised my business.  We now get calls from on average 5-8 new customers through EVERY DAY. They really know their stuff.” Elliott Smith, Frontline Connect

Jez Rose“I’ve tried managing Adwords myself before and didn’t get any results from it and lost a lot of money to add insult to injury. Laura was recommended to me and as a last ditch attempt I agreed to let Laura take a look at my account – I haven’t looked back! Her highly practical, common sense approach to Adwords is exactly what’s missing that others don’t offer. The reports Laura produces allow me to easily see what has happened with my account on a week by week basis in language I actually understand! Invaluable. Practical. Priceless.”

Jez Rose, The Behaviour Expert www.thebehaviourexpert.com

Alison   15 minutes after Laura had told me the campaign had gone live, I had hardly had chance to brief the team before we got our first call! 5 minutes later , there’s a next day meeting booked and chance of a potential 3 site support contract! Unbelieveable. I’m so excited for our business! Laura really is a Business Angel.“ Alison Stewart, Total Group www.totalgroup.co.uk

Second testomial from Total Group:

“I have been very impressed by the attention to detail and transparency of reporting we get sent to ensure our regular update conference calls have real purpose, a clear review of where we are and importantly a plan of action for us to discuss and agree. If you think Google Adwords is a minefield… then think again, Laura and the team set it out in layman’s terms and we have a clear idea where we are heading. We outsource to a lot of specialist suppliers and Laura’s Adwords report is the clearest we get from any of them … if your struggling to get to grips with Adwords, or the data you get sent by your current supplier leaves you with more questions than answers, then stop faffing about and call Laura and the Business Angels team.” Barry Allaway, Managing Director, WWMD Ltd

Heidi Blakeway“I have genuinely been so impressed with you, your expertise and your service. Google AdWords was new to me and a bit of a mind field, but now it’s so much clearer thanks to your clear and honest explanation.” Heidi Blakeway, Director, www.thefruitfultoolbox.com

Kenny Donaldson“Having previously had our Google AdWords fingers burnt – to the tune of £6,000 in one month and not 1 sales call – I was sure we’d never do Google AdWords again. However, through recommendation from a client, I spoke at length with Laura. It was clear she knows her stuff and it made sense why it hadn’t worked previously. She kicked off a campaign for us and leads were coming through like I had never dreamed! We are now in the process of growing the team and developing our business further.” Kenny Donaldson, Managing Director, www.tmcentertainment.co.uk

David“From the onset, the attitude of Laura has been first class. As has her ability to work and react both speedily and dynamically in conjunction with the demands of our fast paced business sector. Laura proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and a true PPC guru!
There are so many muppet agencies out there and I’ve worked with several of them. Laura at Your Business Angels are a breath of fresh air, they approached our campaign from a business perspective and have already helped us dramatically reduce wastage and cost per conversion in a matter of months. They have successfully created landing pages, researched competitor’s keywords, and even created different size banners for our re-marketing campaigns.
If you are looking for a dynamic and motivated person, that is Laura! She is pro-active enough to offer suggestions, but also cares to understand our industry and happy to work together with us, to ensure we get, not the most amount of clicks and impressions, but more importantly targeted traffic that we can convert into clients.
I heartily recommend Your Business Angels.”
David Garcia-Gonzalez, Managing Director, www.golocalise.com

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